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The Global SSID for National Education & Research Networks

eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, free of charge worldwide network access service for the international research and education community. With hundreds of thousands of wireless access-points sharing a common SSID (wireless access point identifier), eduroam acts as one large, worldwide, wireless hotspot. 


eduroam Global Coverage

This worldwide network of RADIUS (authentication) servers facilitates network access for roaming academic users using IEEE 802.1x as the vehicle. Today’s common operating systems are shipped with 802.1x supplicants, making joining eduroam simple for users and simple to support for educational institutions.  eduroam’s use of 802.1x in concert with RADIUS means the network is built around well understood, established, and easy to manage standards which are often already deployed within the network infrastructure of educational institutions.

For more information, visit the eduroam official website. IUCC is part of the European eduroam network.

Watch this short video, prepared by our colleagues in Australia to get a better understanding of what it eduroam is and how it works.




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